I’m really happy that you are reading my first post here in ZeroNtek and I thank you for that. The goal of this blog is to share my thoughts with the industrial control system “ICS” community. I have done research and training in this area and I love to continue contributing to this community and thats why I founded ZeronTek. To my knowledge ZeronTek is the only company in Kuwait that specializes in ICS security. I have learned so much and I’m still learning about this topic.

I have been active in ICS security since 2012 and I have seen many changes since then. ICS security is getting more popular. The contribution to ICS security is expanding from both individuals and companies. One of the major trends nowadays is the integration of IoT with industrial devices, the so called industrial internet-of-things (iIoT). Machine learning is also implemented inside ICS tools.

It’s good to see this speed of technology integrated in ICS. However, many don’t comprehend the “abc” of ICS security to begin with. Lack of ICS security awareness is not only an issue for industrial organizations , it applies to traditional “IT” cyber security folks too. The rapid jump of cyber IT experts that we witness lately is causing more harm than good unfortunately. I respect their skills and expertise, but they need to learn about ICS first. ICS security is not the same as IT security period.

We at ZeronTek have a mission to fill the gap between IT security and ICS. We can help ICS organizations learn how to stay safe. We can help them train their IT and ICS staff. Most importantly, when it comes for an organization to invest in cyber security technologies , it needs to know how and why to choose a solution. Most companies get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of IT technologies that they end up over-investing with in-effective results. Let ZeronTek be part of your team.

Please keep coming back here to see the latest news. Stay up-to-date !We have an ICS community here in Kuwait and you are welcome to join us. We conduct regular meetings discussing ICS cyber security and other cyber security topics. We welcome any ideas and tips. We also welcome partnership with ICS organizations. Most importantly we welcome new friends.

Thank you

Sulaiman Alhasawi (Founder)

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