ICS Corona security

ICS Corona security

The Corona virus is global now. Oil prices are destroyed internationally. Supply is much higher than demand. Saudi Arabia is at war with Russia flooding the market with the cheapest oil prices. Today the oil price for Kuwait is $27 ! This is really low.

Lets not forget about the medical industry. Attackers are now increasingly targeting hospitals and medical labs. This is not the appropriate time to do so. Health organizations like WHO (The World Health Organization ) are also being hacked. The pressure on countries is immense.

The global economy is on its knees. It looks like a global depression is coming. Majority of employees in governments, companies and self employed are at home not working. All because of the fear of this epidemic to spread. How long can they last?

So go figure the output of the above conditions : bad economy + bad health = ??? . What this has to do with ICS security. ICS security is not just about oil ! It’s about transport (airports and trains) , medical, electricity and water. The human is the main node in ICS. If people are sick or isolated and worse not paid because of the economy , who would supply services and safety to keep those ICS in good shape. Especially at a time when they are targeted by cyber attackers. Add to that people are in survival mode at the current time, so nobody is going to spend money on security solutions.

This period is unique and challenging. It’s time to keep calm and do ICS security wisely. This article is my own personal opinion and I hope Im wrong.

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